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Happy to introduce this online course on biostatistics for the postgraduates students and faculty of the Department of Psychiatry of Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. The primary purpose is understanding the statistical methods used in the research literature, Knowing the statistical principles while designing a research protocol, Communicating with a biostatistician, applying the research output to clinical practice and doing simple statistical analytical procedures.

The online course is implemented through the Moodle platform. There will be online sessions through google meet. The link for a record of the same will be provided till the next session. It will be supported by assessment procedures like pretest, post-test and homework assignment. The students (postgraduate students) need to complete the assignment to become eligible for subsequent sessions.

This is an informal program on a trial run. The module will be externally and internally evaluated for further improvement.

Dr Vidhukumar K

Clinical Posting for postgraduates